Artistic discipline(s) :
visual theatre, object theatre and puppetry
Country of origin - companies : Peru
Countries of origin - actorss : Bosnia - Peru
Show : Cuentos Pequeños,






New show 2012



Peruvian Hugo Suarez and Bosnian Ines Pasic founded their puppetry and object theatre company Hugo and Ines in 1986. since 1989 they have been interested in the expressive abilities of each body part: the foot, the knee, the belly, the face, the elbow... giving life to surprising characters.



Hugo & Ines productions have toured around the world, and performed in major international festivals (see list below). They also gave birth to two other groups, Gaia Teatro in 2003 and La Santa Rodilla in 2004. We present respectively one show of these two groups on this website: Los Mundos de Fingerman (The Worlds of Fingerman) and Manologias.  


Hugo Suarez / Lima

Ines Pasic / Sarajevo



Presented shows


Cuentos Pequeños (Short Stories)

Cuentos Pequeños 2 - Premiere on the 12th of may 2012 – festival Titirimundi, Segovia / Spain




Press review:




These  illusionists are sly magicians at a basic, spartan, infinitesimal kind of hand puppetry. With a seemingly simple manipulation of digits,hands, arms, legs and even feet and toes, they bring to life exotic,alienlie creatures and tell gentle, cartoonlike stories graced with miniature poetry and truth. - Sid Smith, Chicago Arts Critic


“The most impressive show in the Hong Kong Arts Festival…imaginative ideas that cheer all children up, yet intrigue mature audiences…lovely and magical.”


“Now and then something wonderful comes along just when you think nothing new can happen. Such a new wonder is Hugo & Ines.” Allelu Kurten, National Festival Puppeteers of America, S. Francisco


“Supremely skilled performers…one of the most innovative puppet show you’ll find anywhere. Toronto Star Theater Critic.


“Suarez and Pasic are performer-magicians who make the simple sublime. Their art is a blend of puppetry and mime in which the addition of a false no se and shirt transforms an odd body part – a foot, a knee, a hand – into a puppet with a unique personality.” Robert Hurwitt, Examiner Theater Critic



Festivals (non exhaustive list):


Homunculus, May 1999, HOHENEMS, AUSTRIA

Festival Spectacular de Bonecos, July 99, CURITIBA, BRAZIL

Cultural del Lobo Performance Series,October 2002, MIAMI, FL, USA

Festival Inter. de Teatro de Titeres, February 2001, 2003, LIMA, PERU

I Festival Inter. de Marionetas, May 99, 2000, 2004. ALCALÁ LA REAL, SPAIN.

Dukketheater fest. in Silkeborg, November 99, SILKEBORG, DENMARK


Feria Internacional de Titelles de Lérida, May 2000, 2004. LERIDA, SPAIN

Festival Inter. de Bonecos de Sao Paulo, May 2000, SAO PAULO, BRAZIL

Baboro International Children's Festival, October 2000, GALWAY, IRELAND

Visions2000, October 2000, BRIGHTON, GREAT BRITAIN

Festival Int. Animated Theater, October 2000, BRACKNELL, GREAT BRITAIN

Muestra Int. de Teatro de Bonecos, May, 2002. RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL

Festival Int. de Teatro de Bonecos de Canela, May, 2002. CANELA, BRAZIL

Muestra Planeta Circo, July 2002, BRASILIA, BRAZIL

Hame Castle Children's Festival, August 2002, HAMEELINNA FINLAND

IV Muestra de Titeres y Juglares, June 2003, ZARAGOZA, SPAIN

Festival Just Pour Rire, July 2003, MONTREAL, CANADA

Festival Internacional de Alcazar de S. Juan, May 2004, Alcazar de S. Juan, SPAIN.

Festival Internacional de Titeres de Albacete, May 2004, ALBACETE, SPAIN

Festival Caja Chica de Islas Canarias, June 2004, GRAN CANARIA, SPAIN

Internacional de Bonecos, October 2004, PORTO ALEGRE, BRAZIL

Festival de Titeres para Adultos, October 2005, ZARAGOZA, SPAIN

Festival Internacional de Mimo, October 2005, REUS, CATALUÑA, SPAIN

Festival Internacional TITERIAS, May 2006, MEXICO D.F. MEXICO

Festin Internacional de Titeres, May 2006, GUADALAJARA, MEXICO

Feria del Circo de Bisbal, July 2006, CATALUÑA, SPAIN

Festival Jeu de Mains, February 2007, LE MANS, FRANCE

International Puppet Festival Ireland, September 2008, DUBLIN, IRLAND

9de Internationaal Poppenspelfestival, September 2008, MEPPEL, HOLLAND

Festival de bonecos de Evora, June 2009, EVORA, PORTUGAL

Muestra de Artes Fantasticas, September 2009, SANTANDER, SPAIN

Liberi Tutti, La Casa de Pulcinella, October 2009, BARI, ITALY

Pop Arts Festival Amsterdam, February 2010, AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND

Festival de Títeres de Canarias, May 2010, TENERIFE, SPAIN

Coeur en Scène, October 2009, ROUANS, FRANCE 

Les Larmes du Rire, October 2009, EPINAL, FRANCE 

Flint Hills Intl. Childrens Festival., June 2010, ORDWAY, USA 

1 Festival Intlernacional de Titeres de ARGENTINE, August 2010, CABA, ARGENTINE 

Fest. de Teatro del Fin del Mundo, September 2010, USHUAIA, ARGENTINE 

Festival de Teatro de Mendoza, September 2010, MENDOZA, ARGENTINE

Festival Klapps, October 2010, AUGSBURG. ALLEMAGNE

32 & 33 Inter. Puppen Theater Festival, October 2010, 2011, MISTELBACH, AUTRICHE

Festival Inter. Puppets Theatre, August 2011, JERUSALEM, ISRAEL

Festival Animate, September 2011, VALPARAISO, CHILI

Horsens Theatre Festival, September 2011, HORSENS, DANEMARK

Festival Decouvertes Marionnettes, September 2011, TOURNAI, BELGIUM

Internationales Theaterfestival Kinder Kinder, October 2011, HAMBURG, GERMANY