Company : Companyia Jordi Bertran
Artistic discipline : object theatre and puppetry
Public : adult, apt for children
Capacity : 400
Number of actors : 2
Language(s) of the show : French, English, Spanish, Catalan
Stage area : indoor
Duration : 60






El Barret Foradat – The Hole in the Hat





Marc is a ten years old boy worried about the changes that occur in his family. He is having a walk while he is thinking about his feelings, suddenly he reaches an empty little street and…he is absorbed by a hole!


Marc tries to go out, but he fails. He ask for help to everyone who passes through the street, but some of them do no even look at him, anothers ignore him, and those who listen, they cannot help him.


Finally Marc asks: "how can a child fall into a hole and not be able to leave it? What if the problem lies somewhere else? Is the hole inside me, hanging on my soul?"


Raised from the poetry of objects, The Hole in the Hat speaks about social reality (through a child's point of view and with a touch of humour), the power of friendship and the self esteem that a ten years old child needs to overcome the difficulties he meets.





The uniqueness of the scenic proposal of The Hole in the Hat ist the presentation of the characters who parade through the show: most of them are hats and are constructed and dressed for the occasion. Marc, the protagonist, is a rod puppet.



Actors: Aurora Poveda, Paulette San Martín

Original idea and Costumes: Paulette San Martín

Création: Jordi Bertran, Irma Borges, Aurora Poveda, Paulette San Martín

Set Design: Diego Polognioli

Music, sound and Lighting design: Toni Ubach

Construction of puppets: Jordi Bertran, Valentina Raposo, Paulette San Martín

Artistic direction: Jordi Bertran

Production: Companyia Jordi Bertran