Company : Companyia Jordi Bertran
Artistic discipline : object theatre and puppetry
Public : adult, apt for children
Capacity : 300
Number of actors : 2
Language(s) of the show : French, English, Spanish, Catalan
Stage area : indoor
Duration : 55


New show 2011 - 2012





La Sucrera Diabètica - The Diabetic Sugar Bowl


Best Show for Adults Award, The Golden Dolphin Festival – 

October 2011 -Varna / Bulgary






The diabetic sugar bowl Elena, a beautiful and tortuous sugar bowl who sees herself as a plump and oxidized pot, has a husband called Urdo, who mistreats her, but whom she nevertheless loves and excuses.


She is diabetic and works eight hours a day in a pastry shop, sprinkling hundreds of mouth-watering little cakes with sugar, until one day the econo- mic crisis leaves her unemployed.


Jordi Bertran uses daily utensils such as cups, sugar bowls, pots, little cakes, piping bags, corks- crews and so on, to tell the story of Elena, the diabetic sugar bowl in an original and humoristic staging.



Puppeteers : Dalí Muñoz, Aurora Poveda, Jordi Bertran

Direction : Jordi Bertran

Creation of the puppets : Jordi Bertran, Dalí Muñoz, Aurora Poveda

Synopsis : Dalí Muñoz

Music : various authors 

Sound and lighting : Jordi Bertran

Production : Taller Del Parc

Photo : Rosa Colell



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