Company : Companyia Jordi Bertran
Artistic discipline : object theatre and puppetry
Public : adult, apt for children
Capacity : 400
Number of actors : 3
Language(s) of the show : French, English, Spanish, Catalan
Stage area : indoor
Duration : 60







Visual Poems starts with a musician-actor playing the role of a poet; he is carrying a suitcase full of letters made of foam and he starts to play their sounds and shapes, discovering that the letters can be used to create poetry without the need to construct words.


With his guitar and songs, he establishes a warm relationship with the letters that come alive, creating a universe full of characters, choreographies, humor, and drama to show that letters are not just for filling up papers and computers but rather that they can also create a sensitive world of breathtaking simplicity.






On stage a series of simple letters come to life but thanks to great mastery and handling. these convert gestures into verse and verse into emotion.

The show is inspired in the magic of the poems of Catalan poet Joan Brossa, borrowing from the magnetism of Brossa’s alphabet, a game of letters with which the poet illustrates his visual poetics.


The letters, operated by sticks on a table, come alive and transform as the show moves forward: the E becomes a dog that plays with a child, which is the I. A Y and a U create a rhythmic dance and a simple T, a trampolinist.




Original idea: Jordi Bertran.

Puppeters *: Inés Alarcón, Eduardo Telletxea, Òscar Muñoz.

Live vocals and guitar*: Òscar Muñoz. 

Costumes: Ma. Dolors Fernández.

Creation of marionettes: Toni Zafra, Santi Arnal, Karin Schäfer, Zilda Torres, Miquel Gallardo, Jordi Bertran.

Photography: Mireia Margenat.

Graphic design: Miquel Llach.

Production: Companyia Jordi Bertran.

Artistic director: Jordi Bertran.


* alternating with Irma Borges, Aurora Poveda, David Zuazola and Jordi Bertran.


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