Company : Companyia Jordi Bertran
Artistic discipline : object theatre and puppetry
Public : adult, apt for children
Capacity : 350
Number of actors : 3
Language(s) of the show : French, English, Spanish, Catalan
Stage area : indoor
Duration : 60







Jordi Bertran, known internationally as one of the master marionette puppeteers, presents a cast of characters from the world of cabaret, dance, rock and everyday life.


L'Alè dels Fils (Life in the strings) is a fun show, which fills every corner of the stage with an unusual virtuosity, the result of many years of work. On stage a set of puppets come to life with every joint, control, pulley, counterweight and lever built to the perfection to move the spectator.



Structured along the same lines as a cabaret, the vocals and music conduct a web of stories woven by the strings of the characters: each story is a scene, each scene an impulse, a desire, which gives life and movement to each puppet.



This is a highly visual show in which live music, movement, minor disputes and the poetics of gesture are the strings that bind together this truly international show.



Life in the strings: a show for adults that fascinates even the youngest spectator.





The Life in the Strings performance is the result of hours and hours of practice and thirty years of experience, with every joint, gesture or counterweight studied to perfection to ensure that the characters that parade before the spectator -Piaf, Charlot, Clandestino ...- reach a level of poetic magic difficult to match, with charming characters from the imagination of their creator, and others, recognizable characters from public life. The action is accompanied by the voice and guitar of Jordi Bertran.



Eight amazing puppets and two surprising small balls make up the eight scenes that recreate the unique universe of Jordi Bertran in this his latest show, Life in the Strings.



Live voice and guitar: Jordi Bertran

Puppet creation: Jordi Bertran

Costumes: Ma. Dolors Fernández, Paulette San Martín.

Puppet handlers: Paulette San Martín, Carles Codina, Litus, Jordi Bertran.

Lighting: Jaume Ayza.

Photography: Nati Cuevas, Peter Birk.

Production: Companyia Jordi Bertran

Artistic Director: Jordi Bertran

Author, producer, director: Jordi Bertran


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