Artistic discipline(s) :
object theatre and puppetry, street theatre
Country of origin - companies : Germany
Countries of origin - actorss : Germany - Slovakia
Show : Die Drei Schweinchen, Der Golem, Johannes Doctor Faust, Zirkus Gockelini, Aufregung bei Familie Zipfelchen







fundus - Marionetten - dresden was created in 1982 in the puppet theatre department of the Dresden National artistic collections. 


Studies by old Saxon masters of the itinerant puppet theatre, research work in the archives of the puppet collections and personal ideas allowed to create a repertoire which quickly acquired an international reputation.


fundus - Marionetten - dresden has toured in Hungary, Poland, Austria, England, Belgium, Switzerland, United States, Slovakia, Czech Republic, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Spain, Albania, Mexico, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovenia , Taiwan, Lebanon, and won awards at many festivals.


Unlike the avant-garde companies which investigate the limits of their art, this one is interested primarily in its origins. It revives the Saxon-Bohemian itinerant puppet theatre as it was practiced from the 18th to the 20th century.


Fundus-MARIONETTEN-dresden strives to preserve the processes of the puppeteers of this period, which remain equally attractive for the public with contemporary tastes. With its tales for all the family, Fundus-MARIONETTEN-dresden occupies an exclusive niche.



Bernstengel Olaf (born 1952), Dresden

Detlef Kaminsky (born 1958), Dresden




Former and actual members of the team:



From 1991 to 1993 Rolf Wächtler, former member of the Girola puppet theatre, copied the variety show puppets from the puppet collection in Dresden, puppets that fundus Marionetten dresden has presented since on their original stage.


In 1995 Olaf Bernstengel meets the Slovak scenographers Jana Pogorielová and Anton Duša, who are specialized in puppet theatre. Both have worked since 1955 and are among the most famous puppet theatre designers from Eastern Europe.

For fundus - Marionetten - dresden they designed and realized a puppet theatre that integrates the Saxon and Bohemian traditions. This theatre has become a guarantee of success for Olaf Bernstengel's solo performances.



Presented shows:


Varietés am Faden (Variety Show in the Threads) and Circus Gockelini are shows without words and for all public.


Fundus-MARIONETTEN-dresden produced numerous shows in German. We present you four of them on this website.



For teenagers and adults:


- Johannes Doctor Faust

- Rabbi Löw und der Golem


For children from 3 years:


- Aufregung bei Familie Zipfelchen - new show 2012

- Die Drei Schweinchen


The other shows, which you will find on the company's website, are also available. Feel free to contact us to request more information about theses shows.