Company : El Circ Petit
Artistic discipline : circus skills/ new circus
Public : all public
Capacity : 500
Number of actors : 2
Language(s) of the show : wordless
Stage area : indoor
Duration : 45






The show tells the story of an impoverished couple who have nothing more that a potato to eat. 


She, a gentle housewife, depends on a lazy husband who ignores her. One day they realize that they cannot stand each other any more. After a quarrel and while she finds herself alone, the young woman rediscovers her strength and her sensuality.


It is then that her husband re-appears. Fascinated by her new appearance, he tries to win her back but he makes himself ridiculous and worsens the situation. Hurt and shameful, he gets angry; it thus belongs to her to try to seduce him.

She succeeds and the reconciliation becomes a celebration.

El Circ Petit tells this story through the circus body language, under Adrian Schvarzstein' s artistic direction.





Can Resmés (Villa Nothingleft) is a new circus show. It is also the story of a couple of the 1930s,  which, because of poverty and routine, has lost its tenderness and complicity. Mood swings of both spouses take the form of acrobatic jumps and impressive balancing acts. The coexistence provokes rapprochements and anger, seduction and estrangements games, reconciliation and complicities, until the couple feel love's spark shooting up again. 

A simple story, for all public, romantic and funny at the same time.

Actors: Serena Viorne, Tin Pelaez
Director: Adrian Schvarzstein
Original idea & production:  El Circ Petit