Artistic discipline(s) :
visual theatre, circus skills/ new circus
Country of origin - companies : Catalonia / Spain
Countries of origin - actorss : Catalonia - Italy
Show : Can Resmés







El Circ Petit is a contemporary circus company founded in 2000 whose tent, based in Pineda de Mar (Barcelona), is both a space dedicated to the creation of shows and a circus school.


Its founding members, Serena Vione and Tin Pelaez Montero, are both professional circus artists, she as acrobatic  and he as tightrope walker. Together they create shows with a great artistic sensibility, shows which are conceived for all the public and for theatre stages.


The presented show, Can ResMés (Villa NothingLeft) is the result of the meeting between El Circ Petit and the theatre director Adrian Schvarzstein, also creator of the Circus Klezmer show.



Serena Vione / Turin

Tin Pelaez Montero / Pineda de Mar


Presented show:

Can Resmés (Villa NothingLeft)