Artistic discipline(s) :
visual theatre, street theatre, multidisciplinary companies, interactive theatre, artistic hairdressing
Country of origin - companies : Catalonia / Spain
Countries of origin - actorss : Brazil - United Kingdom
Show : Sienta la Cabeza






Sienta la Cabeza, active since 2001, presents an interactive artistic hairdressing show accompanied by the eclectic music of a DJ: two hairdressers “coiffure” volunteers of the public by using numerous hand-made accessories conceived specially for each show as decorative elements.


The show is characterized not only by the artistic quality of the hairstyles and by their extravagance, but also by the sensitive and the progressive aspects of the music, which slowly but surely invites the public to party. 


Sienta la Cabeza is an ideal show for festivals: proud of his headdress, the adorned spectator is free to roam within the festival area long after the end of the show, becoming thus its protagonist. The show, which can be prepared to measure, is also suitable for theme parties and corporate events.



Fafá Franco / São Paulo

Tatiana da Silveira / Porto Alegre

Nick Prescott / Glasgow

Presented show: